This is our medium-term roadmap. Keep in mind that we still have much more beyond this planned for the Lunar Ecosystem. Please note that this roadmap may be subject to change if we decide it is best for the project's success.

Phase 0 - COMPLETE

Build and launch website

  • Build and launch initial website
  • Create private sale page & instructions

Set up community infrastructure

  • Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit
  • Set up necessary bots on Telegram server

Audits and KYC verification

  • Get a full audit through Dessert Finance
  • Complete KYC verification through Dessert Finance

Develop marketing materials

  • Marketing copy and shill messaging
  • Creative assets for advertising
Phase 1 - COMPLETE

Begin marketing

  • Begin running paid media through A-ads, CoinSniper, Poocoin etc. targeting relevant interests
  • Niche-related influencer posts
  • Pinned posts in other Telegram servers.
  • Test variations of creative, copy, and targeting to find most profitable and scalable channels

Build initial community

  • Grow Telegram to 2,000+ engaged members
  • Conduct giveaways and shilling contests
  • Drive community engagement

Private sales of LNR and Lunar Legion NFTs

  • Conduct private sale of LNR and fill 300 BNB hard cap
  • Use private sale funds to fund growth & development
Phase 2 - COMPLETE

Scale marketing efforts and build hype

  • Take learnings from Phase 1, hone in on best-performing messaging, and scale paid ad spend
  • Partner with prominent influencers on Telegram, Twitter, Youtube & TikTok
  • Conduct giveaways with other Telegram communities
  • Scheduled AMAs on Telegram

Build initial NFT artwork

  • Confirm artist
  • Source developer for procedural generation
  • Prototype artwork and iron out issues
  • Create example pieces

Fill whitelist

  • Encourage people to sign up for whitelist
  • Fill whitelist with an optimal number of participants

Create educational content

  • Create instructional content on how to buy LNR and mint Lunar Legion NFTs

Presale of LNR

  • KYC-verified Pinksale presale
  • Heavy presale marketing and hype building

Official Launch of LNR

  • Continue to build hype post-presale
  • LNR token launch on PancakeSwap
  • Leverage anti-bot/anti-snipe mechanism

Listings on major platforms

  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing

Continue to market and drive hype

  • Influencer partnerships
  • Promotions in other engaged TG communities
  • Conduct large AMAs in other TG communities
  • Continue to scale marketing spend
  • Grow market cap to the moon

Finish development of Lunar Legion NFTs

  • Finalize all layers and rarities
  • Procedurally generate collection and add meta data
  • Set up necessary NFT-related functionality and platforms

Presale & launch of Lunar Legion NFTs

  • Hype launch of Lunar Legion NFTs
  • Conduct presale
  • Launch Lunar Legion NFTs
Phase 4

Development of Lunar web app

The back-end will be written in C#, powered by ASP.NET Core, The front-end will be written in C#, HTML, and CSS3, powered by Blazor.
  • Set up initial backend infrastructure
  • Design full app UI & UX for web
  • Hire additional developers
  • Develop backend architecture for web
  • Implement front end web app design

Alpha Release of Lunar DEX Wallet web app

  • Alpha release to select group of testers
  • Discover bugs/issues and patch them
  • Continue to make improvements

Beta Release of Lunar DEX Wallet web app

  • Beta release of web app to select group of testers
  • Discover bugs/issues and patch them
  • Continue to make improvements
  • Release open beta to all users in phases
Phase 5

Launch Lunar web app version 1.0

  • Build hype for launch
  • Conduct official launch of web app
  • Market app on current channels and mainstream digital ads platforms

Development of Lunar mobile app

  • Finalize mobile app UI/UX design
  • Develop backend infrastructure
  • Implement front-end UI/UX design
  • Run tests and finalize beta version

Beta Release of Lunar mobile app

  • Beta release of iOS app to select group of testers using Apple's TestFlight software
  • Beta release of android app to select group of testers
  • Discover bugs/issues and patch them
  • Release open beta to all users in phases

Launch Lunar mobile app version 1.0

  • Get listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Conduct official launch of mobile app
  • Market app heavily on current channels, mainstream digital ads platforms, and within mobile app stores

Monitor release and continue to make improvements

  • Continue to patch bugs/glitches
  • Continue to make improvements to the user experience
  • Integrate with APIs that allow users to purchase BNB with fiat currency (credit card, bank, etc.) within the app